Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Know Your Business Prospects by Astrology & Horoscope Analysis

There are certain psychological and material attributes that lead a person to possess all that it needs to be successful in business. Doing a job is very conventional way of earning livelihood but having a business provides expanded opportunities of earning, learning and growth. Discussed below are these attributes and the conducive factors indicated in a horoscope. 

Courage: the ability to take calculated risks and effective communication and business skills are very important in business. Taking initiatives is the most important in business and doing things taking your own responsibility is important. Consistency and perseverance of action is the most important factor that counts in running successful business. Being responsible and taking an initiative to deliver goals as per client requirements is a building- factor for credibility. 

The attribute of courage is calculated from the 3rd bhaava or house of horoscope. The 3rd house also acts a trigger to take new initiatives. This is also the house of ‘purushartha’ or effort. The 3rd house is one of the “upachaya” houses alongside 6th and 11th houses. This means any malefic or ‘krura’ planet in these houses would result in auspicious effects while the presence o a benefic planet would yield negative results. Saturn plays the most significant part among the malefic influences in context of the 3rd house. If Saturn in placed in a strong 3rd house, the native would be taking initiative for business and will also possess right business skills. Through bad and good experiences in different dealings, more of skill is incurred. Difficulties and experience are a result of Saturn.

Finances: The second most important requirement for a business is investment. This investment is mostly in terms of finances. The finances and probability of a family business both are indicated by the 2nd house.  If the second house is not so strong but the 3rd is favorable, a person may have ability to take risk but this would be a futile attempt. The accumulated money in the form of bank balance or capital share is indicated by the 2nd house.

Decision-Making: A sound power of making right decisions at the right time is very valuable for a business.  Taking calculated decisions and a foresightedness is a requisite for aspiring business makers. The power of effective decision –making is lent by a strong 5th house.  This house renders a person with an intellect that is capable for right analysis of situations.  The unique strategies, plan and independence to execute those decisions is given by 5th house.

Strong Desire and Grit: Starting the business and letting it run against all odds that are faced, a person should have a strong desire. 7th house is the house of desires.  A person with keen interest in business and a strong desire to run it will have a strong 7th house. There may be conjunction of the 7th house Lord with the Lord o the 2nd house. There may also be conjunction with the Lord of 11th house or a strong business-related planet.   Strong desire to reach your goal is very important in business.  All successful businessmen have had a strong 7th house that kept them going despite the difficulties.

The 7th bhaava also deals with business dealings, partnerships in business or any kind of international and national relationships for business. 

Achievement of Desires: The fulfillment of desires is decided by the strength of the 11th house. The 11th house deals with the fulfillment of desires and how far the business has expanded. This also illustrates the network of business. Getting new business proposals is the subject of this house. If the 1th house is not strong enough, all the hard work and facing difficulties would be in vain. 

If the 3rd house is strong and 2nd, 7th and 11th houses have some connection to each other in a horoscope, business is definite going to be the line of earning of the native. 

The connection between 10th and 7th houses also gives business opportunities.

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