Friday, 25 March 2016

Linking between Astrology and Numerology

When it comes to terms astrology and numerology, every understood about the linking of these two terms in predicting future. Both of them share a close scrutiny and effects the stars and planet position. The time, date, month, year, place, longitude and latitude of your birth, everything is related with the position of the Sun and other planets in the birth chart of the individual. Zodiac signs represent the movement of planets with respect to time and date. All these factors are measured numerically in predicting a person’s future. Etobicoke astrologers are very proficient in numerology reading and easily predict one’s life events with the birth information. 

Astrologers in Scarborough link the planets, stars and celestial bodies with time and then predict the one’s life events. These type of predictions are considered as more precise and accurate. Although astrology and numerology does not affect each other but when we see them with different aspect they both hold a prominent place in a human’s life. Our body is composed of atoms and molecules and when the reactions take place a numerical stat of molecules occur in the body. Numerically the nature, breakage and formation of bonds is helpful in getting the information about your birth day and chart. The natal report is also considered as important when it comes to knowing about future. 

If you also have keen interest in astrology and have proper faith in it, then you can take guidance from a proficient astrologer who can provide you easy ways to solve the life problems. These astrologers research your birth chart according to numerology too. Enjoy predictions!

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